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Implementation and support services to minimize risk, optimize spending and power your success. We’re with you every step of the way.

Business Process Review (BPR)

iRely experts partner with your team to evaluate and map your business processes, compare them to industry best practices and design an ideal implementation solution.

We discuss goals, resources and expectations so everyone is focused on the same success factors.

We define your ideal processes and key system configuration parameters and identify any changes required for your desired workflow.

This unique BPR process delivers a solid software implementation plan, ensures proper costing of the project, and greatly reduces project risk.

Shortly before implementation, iRely’s skilled and tenured Installation team will run a parallel test on up to 2 weeks of daily transactions to ensure you are comfortable with the system and your business is able to successfully operate on the new platform. Parallel testing includes the transfer of data, resulting in a faster installation without any surprises.

User Acceptance Program (UAP)

iRely’s UAP ensures optimal performance by running specialized tests created using each user’s business process flow and live data.

iRely’s UAP

Targets specific usage patterns

Emphasizes critical processes

Tests custom features

Automates the testing environment

Is tested by Quality Assurance Specialists emulating user behavior

This unique, customized quality control program provides the highest possible quality with the fewest possible issues. As functional upgrades are introduced, you benefit from the seamless implementation of the UAP process each year.

iRely’s UAP Process identifies and documents the process flow using your data in your own test environment. It’s automated, increasing frequency and data validation and saving you time and money while ensuring your software is accurate and performing as expected.