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Agronomy Software

Be confident you have what it takes to meet customers’ needs at margins you can afford. From field applications to customer shipments; from DOT compliance and fleet management to sales management, iRely has the tools you need to improve the way you do business!


Field planning automation​​

Quickly plan crop protection, seed, custom application and other service operations on a field-by-field basis.

Track insect refuge for GMO seeds

Record nutrient credits

Plan multiple applications

Record completed applications

Build field history

Automate formulation and blending

Create and store special formulas, blends, and recipes.

Speed up production time, prevent errors associated with incorrect blends and ensure you have the right inventory on hand to meet customer demand.

Store and track soil analyses related to specific customers, specific fields, or wider data such as regional soil samples and generic formulas created for floor stock.

Formulas can then be used to generate work orders and batch worksheets used for production, application, and billing.


Improve inventory management

Inventory data (including on hand and committed) is managed in real-time which greatly reduces your risk of shortages and overstocks.

Anticipate future inventory requirements based on historical and contracted data.

iRely has a set of pricing and reporting tools that help ensure your prices are staying in line with your costs.

Value inventory based on weighted average cost. Set prices to cost + amount or percent.

Improve customer service with mapping​

iRely Agronomy provides geo-referenced capabilities for custom application, field planning, and product track and trace.

Integrate your plant mix system

iRely has a library of prebuilt interfaces to plant mix systems. We have a long history of developing interfaces to meet our customer’s needs.

Scheduling and application

Efficiently manage custom application activities. Easily create orders, hold orders along with similar orders and then schedule custom applications and deliveries.