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Cardlock Fueling

Cardlock Fueling Data Collection Made Easy

Fuel is one of your largest fleet expenses — are you tracking it accurately? With our cardlock fueling management system, directing driver transactions, generating spend reports and optimizing your customer’s fuel usage has never been easier. Our cardlock fueling software is intuitive and user-friendly, making it simple for your administrative team to track tank refills, and your cardlock accounting department to trace every transaction to the cent.

Whether unattended card fueling comprises a large or small portion of your business, iRely brings all cardlock accounting transactions under one umbrella, making your job more comfortable while saving you time and money.

Cardlock Systems

Major Fueling Network Integrations

iRely integrates with all major cardlock fueling networks and proprietary card solutions allowing you to track your card, billing and credit management information within a single system.

Cardlock Accounting

Lock out cards (either by card or in mass) to prevent delinquent accounts from accessing more fuel.

House Charges and Proprietary Cards

Automate your house charges and proprietary cards.

Save considerable time and improve accuracy over hand-writing and reentering sales transactions.

Secure Fund Transfers

Employ EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) to increase cash flow and decrease bad debts.



Customer Reporting

Track mileage, vehicle service and fuel reports by card or vehicle including cost per mile, miles per gallon, or total miles driven.

Export reports to a spreadsheet for customers that want additional flexibility in managing their fleet fueling data.

Provide all this information in real-time, online to your customers 24/7.

Tax Reporting

Use a tax-exempt remote purchases report to request refunds.

Track tax exemptions by account, card or vehicle.

Submit your taxes with ease, print all the necessary tax documents, and, if your state allows, submit them electronically.

Quickly and easily resolve tax audits by recalling tax filing information stored in the system.

See real-time tax information directly within iRely.

Transactional Reporting

Import your transactions from online, through your POS, or per manual entry.

Track and consolidate accounts receivables, making billing and credit management a breeze.

Consolidate card transactions to send one invoice, when you want to send it (weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly), without any data re-entry.

Whenever relevant transactions are made, tax information is stores and tracked through the system in real-time.

Operational Reporting

Generate standard reports on sales, customers, products, sales, taxes, network fees and more.

Quickly calculate sales staff commissions.

Forecast future payments to estimate network fees and ensure you’re paying the correct amount.

Discover if you’re losing business to competitors by evaluating customer sales trends.

Evaluate the effectiveness of belonging to a network by tracking how many customers are making remote/foreign purchases and foreign sales.

Formulate your reporting attributes based on any data in the system and save your query for unlimited future use.

Keep Your Transactions Secure

Our Cardlock Fueling Software helps minimize, and in some cases prevent, card fraud through customer alerts. If a card is being used multiple times on one system, you can rely on iRely to alert your customers immediately.