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Wholesale Fuel Distribution

Support At Every Step of the Supply Chain

Our Wholesale Fuel Distribution Software streamlines your processes from the moment you get an order to the point that you file taxes. In the wholesale industry, pricing changes by the minute. To remain successful, you need to quickly process orders and provide accurate quotes for your customers, while also keeping costs low and maximizing your profit margins. More importantly, you need a wholesale fuel pricing software that supports the volatility of the petroleum industry, in addition to giving you the operational and financial efficiency both you and your customers require.

iRely’s software was designed with fuel jobbers and suppliers in mind, and includes functionality that caters to every facet of the petroleum wholesale industry. No matter how you decide to distribute your fuel, iRely ensures you can account for every gallon and every penny.

Pricing Automation


Customer Pricing

Offer customers the pricing options they demand while ensuring the margins you desire.

Eliminate pricing spreadsheets and automatically calculate pricing at invoice or order creation.

Easily override calculated pricing when required automatically calculate pricing at invoice or order creation.

Automate Special Pricing

Establish customer pricing while ensuring costs are in line with pricing changes.

Set pricing by customer, by product, or by class of product.

Eliminate spreadsheets and other manual price-tracking methods.

Import Rack Pricing

Import rack pricing directly from the vendor, saving you time and guarding your margins.

iRely interfaces directly with Axxis, DTN, Chevron, BP, Marathon, and more.

Feed Rack Pricing directly into Special Pricing to quickly calculate customer price based on rack.

Eliminate Freight Calculation Errors

Recoup your freight costs while remaining competitive, whether you own your trucks or contract haulers.

Calculate freight based on amount, miles, or rate and establish minimum gallon requirements.

Create separate freight bills as well as pending payables miles, or rate and establish minimum gallon requirements.

Tax Reporting

Time and Labor Savings

Handle all federal, state, local, sales, and excise taxes in our simplified, inter-connected process.

Reduce time spent filing taxes and manual errors with fast, accurate tax reporting.​

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Store tax schedules with exemptions noted by the customer, product or class.

Track real-time tax information directly within iRely.

Multi-State Tax Calculation

Account for all inbound taxes, outbound taxes, splash-blending, multi-state taxes, and tax exemptions.

Quickly see how much tax is owed each state and if exemptions can be applied.​

Electronic Filing

Print out all the necessary tax documents and submit them electronically.

Quickly and easily review data for tax audits.

Inventory Tracking

Real-Time Inventory Updates for Every Transaction

Optimize order points and replenish stock on-time.

Transparent Inventory Valuation

Ensure proper in-truck inventory valuation and make the appropriate AP and GL accounting entries.

Inventory Cost Changes

Change cost of inventory through receipt, voucher or inventory adjustment.

Add handling costs to inventory or the price of the item.

Logistics Planning

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Create multiple loads directly from the contract with a single click.

Quickly create shipping schedules by month, week, or day.

Know who is hauling a load, and who will bill it.

Maintain an accurate shipping schedule for both inbound and outbound goods and keep carriers informed.

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Easily create multiple inbound and outbound loads to deliver directly into the customer’s facility from the supplier’s facility.

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Easily keep drivers up to date on shipping instructions and changes.

Notify drivers through email directly from the scheduled load.

Quickly create spot loads without need for contracts.

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Select multiple loads and use a single click can to dispatch all loads at once

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