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Feed Management Software

Quickly track customers, feed recipes, feed mixes, taxes, inventory items, lots, grain positions, and grain bank all with one simplified system.

Field Planning Automation

Simplify Operations

Automate Processes

Eliminate Errors & Waste

Access Real-Time Data

Drive Profitability

Mitigate Risk

Create and Store Recipes

Recipes include inventory items as well as grain bank and mixing charges. Recipes can be applied to more than one customer, saving you time in setting up and amending. We give you the tools you need to simplify your feed receipt management.

Improve Inventory Tracking

We offer clear, concise and easy-to-use processes that answer all of your questions in real-time. Changing the view to access additional information helps you meet your production requirements quickly.

Automate Manufacturing

Our software improves your feed manufacturing process. When a work order is complete, it can be processed to an invoice for quick and accurate billing. At that time, it will adjust inventory and grain bank, reducing the risk of shortages and overstock and for accurate customer reporting.

Built for Success

Our grain origination software is designed to manage the full extent of the grain handling business, from merchandising to trading.

Interface with Your Plant Mix System

Integration between your plant system and software improves efficiencies. iRely has a long history of developing interfaces to meet our customer's needs.

Traceability Requirements

Assign lots to products as you receive them and specify the lots used when you sell the product. Our software has the ability to assign lots to formulated feeds as you manufacture them.

Offer Group and Stage Feeding

Track the cost per head, the history of each stage and to the group as a whole. Automating this process, helps you ensure inventory is on hand when you need it.

Solutions for Grain Inventory and Bank Management

iRely Agriculture is your grain inventory and bank management software, tracking positions as well as storage charges.

Sync and Update: Sync and update your grain bank, DR and contract balances when a feed order is created and invoiced.

Merchandising & Trading: Designed to manage the full extent of the grain handling business including merchandising and trading.

Grain Position: We ensure you have an accurate view of your grain position and ability to know your customer's position as well.

iRely Agriculture Software Solution

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