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Commodity Management

Increase Control and Improve Risk Management in Commodities

Are you managing commodities with multiple systems and spreadsheets? Simplify your business with iRely.

Combine the power of ERP and CTRM for comprehensive and efficient commodity management. Manage all aspects of physical and financial trades – including risk, procurement, logistics, hedging, position, and P&L – in one, comprehensive commodity trade and risk management solution.

Improve collaboration, increase efficiency, and decrease costs with iRely.


Power Your Supply Chain with a Commodity Management Software

Learn how a comprehensive CTRM system can increase supply chain efficiency.

Product Excellence


Recipe Management

Define recipes by percentages.

Define seasonal input materials by validity period (e.g 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving).

Outline substitute materials for main input materials along with substitution ratios.

Configure quality properties for relevant items.

Blend Management

Execute established blends or permit authorized users to vary combinations according to raw material quality characteristics.

Centralize blend control across multiple plants or release control to the individual plant level.

Manage blending strategies based on raw material quality, cost, and expiration.

Create blend and finished goods work orders automatically from sales orders.

Support non-lot tracked items in real-time blending process.

Kit and stage input items for a blend work order at the warehouse for direct blending.

Quality Assurance

Blend Management

Automate your quality control initiatives and establish quality parameters for raw material and finished goods germane to your business.

Maintain testing rules and acceptable ranges for each test.

Adapt quality initiatives to suit your needs for regulatory compliance and avoid manually tracking quality data.

Define receipt and production quality profiles for an item or category.

Remotely manage lot adjustments, lot movements, lot splits, label printings, sample entries, etc.

Upgrade or downgrade items based on quality results.

Automate discount schedules based on quality grades of the commodity.


Quickly and easily track down substandard or contaminated batches.

Promptly zero into all components of a finished good product run. View all finished goods produced from a particular lot.

Track byproducts and low-grade items by defining output items.

Trace each raw material as it is consumed until it is shipped out as a finished goods. View key information like quality details and lot details at any stage (e.g. receipt, blending, packaging, etc.)

Trace finished goods back to raw material lots. Key information like quality details and lot details can be viewed at any stage (e.g. receipt, blending, packaging, etc.)

Supply Chain Excellence

Inventory Management

Optimize inventory levels. Manage inventory data by quality status and expiration, enabling for optimal use of available inventory.​

Gain transparency into WIP inventory. Improve quality consistency with quality information by batch.

Capture critical traceability and regulatory information in addition to cost and quantities.

Track raw materials and warehouse location using bar codes, resulting in less time spent locating inventory in the warehouse and greater inventory accuracy.

Automatically update finished goods upon quality release, providing immediate access to sellable inventory. Know you have the right materials on-hand to fulfill orders.

Track variances to be corrected during cycle counts. Analyze operational efficiency to account for variances.

Production Optimization

Streamline your production floor from scheduling to execution.

Use constraints-based limited capacity schedules to improve production line efficiencies.

Save money, reduce downtime and changeovers with innovative scheduling methods.

Optimize production plans by matching production requirements with on-hand inventory.

Quickly identify the status of your production line at any point in time with visual scheduling screens

Ensure operators have clear, consistent directions.

Provide operators executable instructions, like what to make, how to make it and when to make it.

Stay on top of your plant schedule with schedules that align efficient runs with customers’ needs.

Inject rush orders into the schedule with less disruption and full visibility of raw material needs.

Audit Trail

Log all transactions and actions impacting inventory, including the end of shift data.

View all transaction data on demand.

Access the full audit trail of control recipe release.

Identify precise components of any product produced on any day.

Generate custom reports on production results.

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