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Propane Delivery Software

Precise Forecasting Using Fuel Delivery Software

Consolidate and track all of your data in one place with iRely’s propane software.

Whether fuel and propane delivery is your primary business, or a side hustle, our Fuel and Propane Routing Software is here to support every aspect of your operations. Not every software can cater to the intricacies of the industry, but iRely does so with ease.

Manage and optimize deliveries, identify trends, and make informed purchasing decisions with inventory tracking.

Easily account for how many gallons you have on-hand, in the bulk plant, and in the trucks.

Know where all tanks are, when they need maintenance, and if you’re generating a profit on them.

Collect and file all tax information in a matter of minutes, not days.


The Specifics Matter

For propane distributors, an intuitive propane routing software, providing important details, is critical. Read “Now a Necessity” by Brian Kay to learn more about the ways technology can transform your propane delivery business.

Tank Management


Equipment Tracking

Track equipment history down to the device/appliance level.

Quickly gain insight into tank loss, see where you’re generating a profit, and monitor appropriate device checks for each tank.

Easily track insurance and government required events such as tank painted, gas checks, and leak checks.

Consumption Site Tracking

Simplify route planning, customer billing, and inventory management.

Quickly locate equipment, see if it’s deployed, and easily reassign it with or without impacting billing.

Perform services more efficiently by knowing every event to be performed on a site.

Real-Time Communication

Alert customers when your tanks need to be filled and refilled.

Dispatch driver orders via email and in-truck.

Risk Management

Monitor leak checks, tank set, appliances and other maintenance to meet insurance regulations.

Track tanks, regulators, tank monitors and loaned equipment to reduce risk of loss.

Delivery Management

Delivery Optimization

Deliver based on will call, keep full, degree day, scheduled intervals, and tank monitors.

Ensure you have the correct amount of fuel in the trucks to service your routes and avoid making deliveries at odd hours due to run-outs.

Track information on tank capacity, reserve, days between deliveries, last gallons in the tank, YTD gallons this season and last season, burn rates, and delivery dates.

Assign consumption sites to fill groups, and each day, print a Fill Report that details which customers to visit and how much fuel to deliver by route.

Automated Order Creation

Use our Tank Monitoring Interface to automate order creation for your customers.

Set up billing schedules for company-owned equipment.

Schedule technicians and product work-order billing sheets with details on the customer, tanks and appliances.

Predictions & Forecasting

Optimize routes, drivers, inventory, and deliveries based on actual customer usage rates.

Save time and effort through the automatic population of usage history from sales ticket entries.

Adjust burn rates based with Degree Day Forecasting and place date-sensitive holds for customers on vacation or winterized properties.

Trend Identification

Uncover trends, spot trouble areas, and take corrective action with a suite of in-depth reports.

Identify profitability trends by comparing loaned equipment costs to resulting sales.

Compare current versus prior sales to uncover down or lost business.

Ensure your loaned equipment continues to serve you for years to come with integrated maintenance schedules.

Inventory Tracking

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Get real time inventory updates for every transaction with perpetual inventory.

Optimize order points and replenish stock on-time.

See stock on hand, on order, in transit, in storage and in consignments.

Inventory Cost Changes

Change cost of inventory through receipt, voucher or inventory adjustment.

Add handling costs to inventory or the price of the item.

Improve profitability by reallocating purchases per location, transferring and tracking inventory in your trucks.

Make more informed purchasing decisions by tracking inventory (on-hand, committed, and on-order), reorder points and minimum order quantities.

Inventory Management

Conduct physical inventories at any time during the month to identify and resolve shrinkage problems sooner and save time at month-end.

Create and store blending formulas.

Lessen the need for storage tanks and simplify inventory by blending products at the truck instead of storing them in individual tanks.

Improve inventory tracking and eliminate paper trails by electronically transferring inventory from site to site or a retail location.

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