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Ag Retail / Farm Store

iRely Ag Retail software provides the ability to instantly check costs and prices to ensure a specific or class of product is acceptably margined. As inventory becomes more accurate, you increase cash flow and reduce risk.

Leverage an Integrated POS

Unleash a host of additional benefits for cooperatives and multi-divisional agri-businesses.

Simplify Operations

Built-in POS with scanning and signature capture capabilities.

Automate Processes

Scanning improves inventory tracking, customer wait time, and frees up employees to do other tasks around the store.

Eliminate Errors & Waste

Track patronage, apply purchases to customer invoices and enforce credit limits on accounts.

Access Real-Time Data

Quickly drill into all customer account details

Automate Inventory Tracking

iRely provides the tools you need to quickly and easily manage your inventory.

Scan in inventory at receipt and compare to quantities ordered to identify missing, broken, or incorrect products quickly.

Ensure your customers see correct pricing.

Prevent profit loss associated with excessive shrink and human error.

Easily facilitate counting of physical inventory.

Ability to print tags directly from the system.

iRely Agriculture Software Solution

Field Planning Automation

iRely has powerful tools to quickly and easily update both price and cost changes across your organization.

A generic price import allows vou to manipulate supplier price sheets for importing.

Take advantage of pricing items based on volume, contract, and customer.

Data flows through iRely allowing vou to accuratelv account for inventory levels, sales, and profit margins.

Reward customer loyalty and commit business with discounts.

iRely offers a vendor interface for common suppliers such as Orgil, Bostic, Do it Best and others.

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Agribusiness management software is just the beginning. iRely offers integrated software products for every aspect of your industry, from commodity trading and risk management, to energy, to retail solutions and more.

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