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Grain Management Software

We provide grain elevators, feed mills, and commodity management groups innovative solutions for all aspects of your business.

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Automate Processes

Eliminate Errors & Waste

Access Real-Time Data

Drive Profitability

Mitigate Risk

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Take Your Business

Automate the tracking of current positions, hedging activities, futures, options and other non-cash transactions.

Live DPR

Live DPR (Daily Position Report) shows you what effect every transaction has on your position and allows easy access to all the information you need.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate risk associated with government regulations, shrink and market forces.

Deep Visibility

Gain the ability to seek out every opportunity actively, never miss a price move, and in turn, operate your grain business at a higher level of profitability.

Drill Down

A unique feature is the ability to quickly drill down and access information without interfering or closing what you are doing.

Customer Portal

The Collaboration Portal offers your customers web access to account information, paying bills and staying current with their company information.

Contract Management

Manage commodity, quantity, price, delivery form, price basis, freight basis, market zone, options, and verbiage on the contract quickly and easily.

Built for Success

Our grain origination software is designed to manage the full extent of the grain handling business, from merchandising to trading.

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Agribusiness management software is just the beginning. iRely offers integrated software products for every aspect of your industry, from commodity trading and risk management, to energy, to retail solutions and more.

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