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iRely Announces New Headquarters Location in Dallas, Texas

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DALLASJuly 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- iRely, a leading provider of back-office software solutions for petroleum, agriculture, and commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) industries, is thrilled to announce the relocation of its headquarters to Dallas, Texas. This strategic move is set to enhance the company's growth and provide easier access for international travel.

iRely Moves Headquarters from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Dallas, Texas. (PRNewsfoto/iRely, LLC)

The new office in Dallas is set to be a cornerstone for iRely's continued expansion and innovation. Dallas' reputation as a leading tech center will provide iRely with access to a rich talent pool and state-of-the-art technological resources, fostering an environment where cutting-edge solutions can be developed and deployed.

Easier Access for International Travel

Dallas is a prime location for global business operations due to its well-connected transport networks, including the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. This relocation will facilitate smoother international travel, enabling iRely to strengthen its global partnerships and better serve its international and domestic clients.

iRely Growing

The move to Dallas signifies a major milestone in iRely's growth trajectory. Over the past few years, the company has experienced significant expansion, driven by an increasing demand for its comprehensive software solutions. The new location will support iRely's continued growth, providing a larger, more dynamic workspace to accommodate its expanding team.

Surrounded by Technology

Dallas is renowned for its thriving technology ecosystem, home to numerous tech companies and startups. By relocating to this vibrant tech community, iRely aims to foster closer connections with other industry leaders and leverage new technological advancements to enhance its product offerings.

"Our new headquarters in Dallas is not just a change of address; it's a strategic move to strengthen our international presence. This location will serve as a central hub for our global operations, enhancing our ability to collaborate with clients and partners across different time zones," said George Olney.

iRely's new office is now open, and the company looks forward to welcoming clients and partners to the new location.

For more information, check out: https://irely.com/ or contact:

Dylan Gamboa

Senior Vice President