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Cooperatives Software

Does your agricultural/petroleum cooperative use multiple software solutions for accounting, CRM, patronage, and dashboard? iRely cooperatives software br..

iRely’s web-based, fully integrated iRely cooperatives software for agricultural and petroleum cooperatives cover the entire lifecycle of a coop business – all under a single, unified platform – one solution for your business!

For agricultural cooperatives, our solution covers contract management, scale, inventory management, storage, settlement, risk management, quality management, processing, traceability, and distribution. Live, graphical traceability allows processors to be compliant with ever growing stringent regulations for food and feed industries.

For petroleum cooperatives, our solution covers tank management and delivery forecasting, dispatching/routing and in truck billing, transport load planning and bol reconciliations, c-store pricebook scanning and cash reconciliation, card fueling fleet expense reporting and imports from private or nationwide networks, oil/lube warehousing and repackaging with buybacks and rebates tracking, inventory management, and supplier/customer contract management.

For cooperatives that deal with both, agricultural and petroleum products, our solution covers it all in a unified, integrated platform with accounting, CRM, patronage, and dashboard – so you don’t need to implement solutions from different vendors and spend a fortune on integrating the platforms.

Up to the minute, real-time views of Inventory, P&L, Exposure, and Risk give you better visibility and control over your business. Intuitive user interface design makes our solution easy to use with minimal training.