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Ag & Petro Cooperatives Software

iRely’s web-based, fully integrated cooperatives software for agricultural and petroleum cooperatives cover the entire lifecycle of a coop business.

iRely’s seamless integration combined with its multi-location, multi-divisional approach means more efficiencies, fewer errors, and tremendous time savings.

Up to the minute, real-time views of Inventory, P&L, Exposure, and Risk give you better visibility and control over your business.

Live, graphical traceability allows processors to be compliant with ever growing stringent regulations for food and feed industries.

iRely not only brings your entire organization onto a single platform, but it also simplifies patron management with Patronage.


Grain Elevators

Automating the tracking of grain inventory, storage, contracts, and hedging activities.



Simplify tasks with iRely including managing formulas, creating blends, applying fertilizer & chemicals, and keeping tabs on inventory levels.


Feed Grain

Quickly track customers, recipes, mixes, taxes, inventory items, lots, grain positions, and grain bank all with one easy-to-use system.


Ag Retail

Ability to instantly check costs and prices to ensure a specific or class of product is acceptably margined.


Onsite Fueling

Easily account for gallons on hand, in the bulk plant, and on the trucks. Quickly know your tank profits as well as maintenance schedules.

Unattended Fueling

iRely will streamline, integrate, and simplify all day-to-day transactions.


Centralized pricing, automated receiving, and improved inventory management.

ERP/General Financials

iRely is a robust ERP system with an intuitive interface design making our solution easy to use with minimal training.